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2016-02-22 Posted by: XP-Niklas

Reed adapter Version 2

We will soon start the production of our second generation reed adapter for the SAAB triple carb engines. Fits SAAB Sport, MC850, Saab96-66, Sonett 2 & Solex 3PI Lancia inlets and carbs.
The kit will include 3 reedvalves and gaskets.
There will also be an option to use rubber inlets for 34 mm throttle carburettors.

These reeds will give a very good low end torque and make it possible to tune the inlets for very high power with great driveabillity.

The reed kits will be made on preorder to XP-users that has bought the XP-tuning manual but we plan to make 7 extra sold here.

Look at carburettor parts for the SAAB 93-96 and pace your order ASAP if you want one of these rare kits.